Symbiot Inc.
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A changing energy landscape

The way energy is being generated and consumed is changing before us. More and more energy is coming from distributed, renewable sources making the supply of energy more dynamic than ever. We are building the technology to make the consumption of energy just as dynamic, and as efficient as possible to boot.




For Utilities

Enabling Automated, Non-Intrusive Residential Demand Response

By paring our intelligent software engine with our IoT control hardware and consumer smart devices utilities can aggregate and control non-intrusive load within their customer base. Automated, coordinated and reliable demand response, without impacting household comfort.

For residential developers

The Energy Efficient Smart Home

An integrated hardware and software solution for the energy efficient smart home. Next generation connected hardware enables intelligent, finite, behind the meter monitoring and control, reducing household energy consumption by 40%. In greenfield projects the same infrastructure backbone enables the deployment of embedded networks, unlocking new revenue opportunities for developers.




The energy landscape is fundamentally changing, presenting a massive challenge and opportunity. We're building hardware and software products at the intersection of IoT, Big Data Analysis and AI. What started with trying to solve the problem of AirBnB guests leaving the Aircon on after they left is going to have a role to play in unlocking the potential of residential demand response. In the process we are positioned to optimise and orchestrate behind the meter devices in the new world of distributed energy resources.



Meet the Founders


Kyle Bolto

Founder & CEO

Commercial, strategy and technology innovator
Scaled large technology projects from scratch
Number of patents in the telecommunications sector. 


Reza Monavari

Co-Founder & CTO

Passionate problem solving engineer with 15 years experience
Managed large critical systems for some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.
Co-founded another startup that processes billions of records a day


SUnny Pack

Co-Founder & Lead Hardware and R&D Engineer

B.E (Electrical (Bioelectronics))(Hons. Class I)/ BSc. (Chemistry)(Medicinal Chemistry)(Advanced)
Complex electronics design and build.
Engineering problem solver
Building devices that haven't been done before


Meet The Advisory Board

Adam Hodge

Adam Hodge

Adam is a highly innovative marketing executive with over 14 years experience in the Sports, Entertainment, Media and Telco Sectors uniquely on both the client and agency side. In his current role Adam is responsible for some of the most exciting campaigns in the industry.

Felix Chan

Felix Chan

Felix is an experienced startup founder having built and exited a number businesses in the Telco infrastructure and software industries. Felix has extensive experience as a CFO including being responsible for Strategy, Commercial and Corporate.

Katerina Petrogiannakis

Katerina Petrogiannakis

Katerina has extensive experience as a senior, in house, legal executive within the technology and telco industry. Katerina also has significant experience with some of the top law firms in Australia.

Sadin Nurkic

Sadin Nurkic

Sadin is a Telecommunications Engineer with 15 years experience in the cellular industry and has been involved in some of the very first IoT (M2M) products to hit the market with the largest mobile operator in the world, Vodafone. Accordingly, Sadin is recognised globally as an expert in the IoT field.

Alex Welsh

Alex Welsh

Alex has over 20 years experience in the electrical contracting field with an intimate understanding of electrical distribution best practice and procedures. Alex is also a recognised innovator in the HVAC space developing a number of industry changing innovations.

David McWilliam

David has a long history of innovation in large scale ticket of work contract management in the telecoms, pay TVand electricity sectors. He also has extensive experience in complex operations and field force management.

We are extremely lucky to have such great advisors and are very appreciative of all their help and guidance. We couldn't do what we do without them.